ELON improves your bottom line with a suite of customer analytics tools in a single platform.

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The New Standard in Tracking Customer Data across Campaigns, CRM & E-Commerce

Our detailed analytics help you target vital points in your customers’ journeys.

A Unified Customer View

Devise a user-centric strategy by building a profile for every user, while maintaining a comprehensive user database at the same time.

Gaining access and insights into demographic data along with all user website interactions, campaign visits, and transaction history.

In-depth Attribution Data

Know exactly which ads converted your users. Right from the source to campaigns and even creatives.

All by using short and easy-to-read tracker URLs that monitor any and all locations.

Discover Hotspots in Your Data

Leverage on actionable insight from elaborate heatmaps to identify hotspots in your data that are usually undetectable.

You’ll get an instant view of anomalies in your event data, as well as tracking metrics of an event by comparing categories, locations, content types, and various other event properties.

Visualise End-to-End Journeys

Our comprehensive tools will help you identify the optimal points to engage your customers by learning all about different ways your customers navigate your website.

This is done by monitoring where customers go before or after performing a specific action, the frequency of occurrence of an important event, and by following their journey between two custom events.

Built for Data Driven Marketers

ELON helps in collecting data from multiple sources such as campaigns, websites and CRM and stitching them together to give Actionable Insights.

Advanced segmentation

Define your customers in greater detail by setting your own custom event parameters. Making the targeting process infinitely more precise.

Incredible insights

Determine which customers are more likely to perform a purchase, or identify a potential segment to scale. Also increase user retention, upsell and cross-sell.


Tap into an entire history of customer data from user behaviour, demographics, marketing touchpoints, and everything in between.

Reach the right people right away

Our unified Customer Analytics Platform lets you target your consumers with razor-sharp precision.

Connect relevant data points and realise actionable insights from websites, to mobile apps, CRM, and even offline stores
Target specific visitors based on language, geolocation, behaviour, and many other characteristics of choice to optimise your conversions.
Efficiently deploy re-engagement campaigns by identifying relevant customers using specific models.

See what your customers see.

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